Marston Christian


“Our relationship with Marston Book Services has resulted in a strong partnership which enables us to provide an outstanding service to our customers both in the UK and internationally. Marston’s willingness to work with us to overcome challenges and meet our customers’ needs is a major factor in the positive connection between our two companies”.
– Suzanne Wilson-Higgins, Managing Director, Lion Hudson Limited

For some years now, Marston has provided a speciality and expertise in distributing Christian books and related material and is now one of the leading distributors in this field. We place enormous importance on this area and have a range of resources and services in place to ensure we provide the highest quality service to both our publishers and customers.

Bookshop and Trade Accounts

Marston has approximately 45,000 trade account-holding customers in well over 200 countries. We are online to all the major retailers and wholesalers and, of course, to important customers such as Amazon. With strong connections to the book trade generally, we also service about 14,000 Christian customers, from Christian bookshops and wholesalers to schools and local education authorities, churches, Sunday schools, church societies, and charities.


We endeavour to despatch all orders received by 1 pm on the same day – a special service that we offer to designated UK-based Christian retailers.  This applies not only to books, CDs, and DVDs, but also to the growing range of ancillaries that our Christian publishers now produce – posters, notecards, flyers, stickers, and so on.

Customer Services

We have a dedicated customer service team, all of whom have been specialising in this area for many years. The team is highly knowledgeable about both the requirements of the market and the products they are involved in distributing, ensuring they are able to provide unparalleled help and advice to customers. Bookshops and other trade accounts in the UK and internationally have developed close working relationships with our team and have come to rely on them as a dependable source of information and support.

“It’s good to be part of Marston’s Christian customer services department, a team dedicated to giving an excellent all-round service not only to the Christian bookshops but also to authors, clergy and members of the public”.
– Doreen Bourne, Marston Christian, Customer Services

“We have traded with Marston for many years and appreciate the care and attention we receive from customer services. It is rare in these days to find a team that obviously value their customers and demonstrate that with genuine courtesy”.
– Norman Nibloe, TCBC Ltd

The Christian Calendar

Because our Christian team is so specialised and knowledgeable, they understand and know how to react to requirements at different times of the year. As well as obviously busy times such as at Easter and Christmas, when the flow of orders rises dramatically, our publishers increasingly take advantage of other opportunities during the year – such as Harvest festivals – to organise special promotions for their products, which can lead to a sudden increase in sales. On other occasions, when new church guidelines are published, or amendments are made to prayer books and the like, it is essential that we can respond quickly to the demands that these changes will bring. Our experience together with the resources we have in place to cover these events ensures they are handled in a calm, efficient, and methodical fashion.

“Marston have quickly become a key distribution partner for us at Integrity Music Europe. They have a friendly Client Service and Customer Service Teams which consistently deliver for us on a daily basis. Their communication and reporting structures are first in class and have a well established distribution base and solid reputation within the Christian Retail trade and beyond”.
– Paul Owen, Director of Sales, Integrity Music Europe


Marston’s client publishers receive many daily and monthly reports covering sales, backorders, stock, and much more. At any time they can track which are their fast-moving titles and how much stock they have available. As Christian publishers sell to such a diverse range of customers, the monthly suite of reports gives access to detailed sales information on all accounts and allows publishers to easily upload that information into their own spreadsheets for analysis.

Publishers also have unlimited web-based access to our modern, fast Business Intelligence reporting system, providing access to rich line-level transaction data. The system allows user configuration of reports and graphical analysis with scheduling and exportation of reports.


If you are a Christian publisher and would like to consider moving to Marston, please contact the Client Services department on +44 (0) 1235 465578

If you are a bookshop or supplier of Christian books and would like to open an account with Marston, please contact our credit control department:

Tel:  +44 (0)1235 465657